Learning about Leverage 
You do not have to be the smartest, wealthiest or most talented to succeed.  Success can occur when you identify resources and opportunities and leverage them to create disproportionate results. 

It often starts with an innovative idea - something different and clever.  If passion and commitment are harnessed and an opportunity is provided, remarkable results will occur.   Mini-grants offer students that opportunity.

At a Glance
Any students can apply for a grant of up to $2,000 to fund an idea that improves Boston Latin School or the local community.  
Students can be members of an extracurricular club or other school organization, but it is not necessary.

Applicants will write a professional grant proposal and present the idea to a panel of judges.  The DLI will coach teams through the proposal writing process, but the idea must solely derive from the students. 

Each funded team will receive a faculty advisor whose role is to support the team as a mentor and guide.  Teams must sign a contract with the DLI to ensure deliverables over an agreed upon timeframe.   The DLI will oversee idea implementation for one calendar year.