Art & Skill of Networking

This hands-on workshop demonstrates to students the art and skill of cultivating relationships with individuals that support their professional trajectories.  Based on The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling, students will create their own elevator pitch, role play introductions, and walk through how to “work a room”.  Class I-III 

LinkedIn - Create Your Online Professional Presence

This interactive workshop educates students about the professional strategies and advantages of LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network.  Students will build the foundation of their LinkedIn profile in real time.  Class I-III

Financial Literacy 

This interactive workshop introduces students to foundational concepts such as banking, savings, payment types (credit, debit, check), credit scores and consumer protection.  Curriculum based on platform.  All three workshops required.  Class I-III

Strengths Based Leadership

This interactive workshop series is based on the Clifton StrengthsFinder™, a Web-based assessment that identifies students’ talents and strengths.  Three workshops focus on strengths-based leadership, teamwork, problem solving and a capstone project in which students interview a local community leader.  All three workshops required.  Class I-IV