Leadership happens in different contexts. At Boston Latin student leaders exist in the classroom, on the field, in student clubs, in tutoring workshops, on stage, and in the local community.

The DLI wonders whether these student leaders know each other? Do they lead in similar ways? Do they encounter similar challenges? Is there an effective approach to leadership at Latin? How can the DLI better support them?

Once a month the DLI hosts a Leadership Lunch where 4-6 student leaders come together to meet, enjoy lunch and talk about leadership.

Different student leader populations are targeted to create an impactful learning environment. Sometimes it’s different pockets of leaders like athletic captains and student musicians. Sometimes it’s like-minded groups such as affinity-based clubs. Sometimes it’s an active student club talking with a newly created club. The collaborations are endless.

The goal is to create a peer-to-peer learning laboratory.

The lunches also allow the DLI on the pulse of student leadership. Each meeting includes a feedback session in which the students are asked what they need to thrive as leaders. Is there a skill set they’re missing, resource they’re lacking, or an opportunity they need? The students are heard, and the DLI Director receives important feedback to better support this important population.