Alumni are one of BLS's most treasured assets, a fact highly regarded by the Deitch Leadership Institute. BLS alumni are leaders in their community - teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers, community organizers, business leaders and artists. They are change agents.

The DLI is committed to celebrating alumni and capturing their wisdom. Opportunities for partnership are limitless.

Career Connections

On March12, 2014, Boston Latin School launched Career Connections, a program in which alumni returned to BLS to offer professional advice and networking opportunities for the junior class.

  • 110 alumni, representing for-profit and non-profit organizations across Boston
  • 300 Class II students
  • 3 twenty-minute sessions of small group conversations

Career Connections offered students an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from alumni who are practitioners in their field; learn about their college and professional trajectories; and network with them to create professional connections and resources.

I learned about careers that I would not have considered, and I got advice from people who were in a similar situation as me and have experienced more. – BLS junior

Senior Transition Day

On May 21, 2014, Boston Latin School reimagined Senior Transition Day, a program in which young alumni currently in college returned to BLS to offer advice about the transition to college for the graduating senior class. 

  • 80 alumni, representing colleges and universities across the country
  • 280 Class I students
  • 3 twenty-minute sessions of small group conversations

Similar to Career Connections program, Senior Transition Day offered students a chance to hear from young alumni about the realities of college life, many of whom were BLS students just a year prior. Topics focused on academics, campus life and leadership opportunities. Students were also paired with alumni from the same colleges/universities that the students would be attending in the fall.