Mr. Levesque, can we meet in a few weeks? I need to save a few dollars to take public transportation.

Jim will never forget the phone call. He was Director of Special Education at a charter school in Roxbury, and he had called a parent to schedule a meeting about her son’s education plan. The mother said, “Mr. Levesque, can we meet in a few weeks? I need to save a few dollars to take public transportation.” Within a moment, the concept of leadership and education took on new meaning.

Leaders give back.
Jim first learned about leadership as a peer educator and Resident Assistant at Clark University. Designing
 educational workshops for first-year students ignited a fire in his belly. Jim quickly learned that leadership was about guiding, mentoring and giving back. 

Leadership is about impact, not a title.
Jim left Clark with a graduate degree in business (MBA), but his heart remained in education. Jim spent the next 10 years working (and learning) under Deans of Students at College of the Holy Cross and Wentworth Institute of Technology. Each year he recruited and trained nearly 100 student leaders. Jim realized leadership was not a title or position; leadership was about impact. 

Leaders equip others.
In 2011, Jim left higher education to become the Director of Special Education at City on a Hill Charter Public High School in Roxbury. By serving students from historically disadvantaged communities, Jim witnessed the 'achievement gap' and lack of access and opportunity in education. He learned that leadership meant equipping people with skills and resources to succeed. 

Leaders effect change in the world.
Today, Jim works at the oldest school in America, often regarded as the standard-bearer in public education. He works alongside some of the brightest students in Boston to develop their leadership potential, creating responsible and engaged citizens. The goal is to realize Joe Deitch's vision of training a generation of leaders to effect change in the world.